On the Seto Inland Sea “Setouchi Minato no Yado”

In Japanese, the word “Minato” has two meanings: “port city” and “gathering place.”
The second meaning springs from the first, making “Minato” a lively place of commerce.
The Seto Inland Sea once flourished as a trade route. With its small ports scattered around the coastline, many people gathered to enjoy the lively atmosphere.
The long history of “Minato” has been a peaceful one.
Here, you feel at home right away, and can take it easy… on Seto time.
Wander the streets, browse the shops, or make the rounds of various ports by boat.

Enjoy the simple but memorable moments you can find only in Seto.

Minato-no-Yado continues
to breath new life into
historic buildings on the Seto Inland Sea, using various architects.