What makes Minato-no-Yado different from a Ryokan inn or hotel?2020-07-28T19:40:13+09:00

Unlike a Ryokan or hotel, we allow you to rent out the house to enjoy your stay. That’s why we ask guests to sign a lease contract for the duration of their stay (no inkan seal is necessary, a signature will suffice). After you check in, the staff will not remain on the property. Enjoy a private, unhurried stay.

What amenities are available?2020-07-28T19:41:08+09:00

Available goods: bath towels, face towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, razor, hair brush, cotton swab, room wear (thin one-piece type room wear with short sleeves for men and women)

Not included: wash towel, cosmetics (lotions, creams, etc.)


What kinds of kitchen utensils are available?2020-07-28T19:41:46+09:00

Kitchen utensils:

Dishware: plates (mid size, small size, petit size, bowls) for maximum number of guests, glasses, cups, teacups, coffee cups, chopsticks, forks, spoons, knives, etc.

Cooking utensils: knives, cutting board, pot for IH cooker, pan, peeler, long chopsticks, rice scoop, ladle, spatula, bowls, strainers, etc.

Cooking devices: microwave, toaster, refrigerator, rice cooker, table IH cooker, kettle.

Others: cloth for dishes and table, dish soap, sponge, plastic wrap, foil, wine opener with bottle opener, garbage can, etc.

*Seasonings are available for free. If you’d like to use them, please let us know in advance. For detailed information about kitchen utensils, please contact us. We’ll send you a detailed list by e-mail.

Is there a refrigerator?2021-04-02T15:41:15+09:00

Yes. Please feel free to use the refrigerator for any drinks and food you buy. (After you leave, any remaining food and drink will be discarded by our staff).

*Other furnished appliances are an automatic washing machine with dryer, a humidifier, and a television.

Do you have internet access?2020-07-28T19:42:19+09:00

Wi-Fi is available for free for internet access. The password is written in the room book. Please bring your own PC or smart phone.

* Please understand that we cannot take responsibility for problems such as data leakage or viruses caused by connecting internet.

Is the structure barrier free?2020-07-28T19:42:33+09:00

We’re sorry about that there are some stairs and level-changes in the properties, and these are not barrier free.

When is check-in and check-out?2020-07-28T19:44:28+09:00

Check-in…15:00 – 20:00 Please let us know your expected arrival time and transportation. Our staff will guide you to our accommodation.

*If you expect to arrive after 20:00, please make sure to let us know in advance.

We’d like to leave early in the morning…2020-07-28T19:44:43+09:00

You can check out any time. Please contact us for your request.

Can you keep our luggage after we check out?2020-07-28T19:44:59+09:00

We will keep your luggage at the LOG reception, located next to Setouchi Minato no Yado.

Is smoking permitted?2020-07-28T19:45:13+09:00

Strictly no smoking in our accomodation we appreciate for your understanding.

If you’d like to smoke, we ask that you step off the premises first. Thank you.

Do you serve meals?2021-04-02T14:03:35+09:00

You can enjoy dinner and breakfast at LOG.
*for 13 years or older

・Breakfast:2,750yen/tax included | 7:30am~10:00am
・Dinner:8,800yen/tax included | 6:00pm~9:00pm

Also, if you would like to have a dinner/breakfast in your room, or vegan / vegetarian menu , please contact us for details.

Meals are all reservation required.
Please let us know in advance.

During longer stays, do you regularly clean the house?2020-07-28T19:45:44+09:00

Our staff will enter the house to clean and exchange towels and sheets everyday during your stay. Please let us know if you don’t need cleaning.

Can we bring a pet?2020-07-28T19:45:56+09:00

Unfortunately, we have found it necessary to implement a strict no-pet policy. We appreciate for your understanding.

Do you welcome non-Japanese guests?2020-07-28T19:46:07+09:00

Of course! Non-Japanese guests and foreign travelers are very welcome.

If I break or damage the building or furnishings, what should I do?2020-07-28T19:46:19+09:00

Please contact us immediately. Whether the damage was deliberate or accidental, we must ask that you compensate for it.

In case of an emergency, who should I contact?2020-07-28T19:46:33+09:00

When you check in, we’ll show you contact information for emergencies.

Do we need to take our garbage when we leave?2020-07-28T19:46:46+09:00

If it’s garbage related to your stay, we’ll discard it for you.

Can we use the house for a party or exhibition?2020-07-28T19:46:59+09:00

Please let us know the details in advance.

Can people who will not stay enter the house?2020-07-28T19:47:11+09:00

We can’t allow people who aren’t registered guests to come inside.

What kind of rental goods are available?2020-07-28T19:47:24+09:00

DVD player, iron, iron board, seasonings (salad oil, salt, pepper,sugar, soy-sauce, vinegar) are for free.
However, the quantity of these goods is limited, so please let us know in advance.

Do we need to be quiet at night?2020-07-28T19:47:38+09:00

These houses are along a street where other tourists and residents walk, and are close to other private residences. If you make too much noise, your voice or movements may bother neighbors or others in the area. Please keep that in mind.

If your behavior causes too much of a problem with our neighbors, we reserve the right to ask you to cancel your stay and leave. In such cases, we will not be able to offer refunds. Please understand that these houses are in a residential town area, and show consideration to your neighbors.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?2020-07-28T19:49:35+09:00

Yes. (American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)

Do you charge utility fees?2020-07-28T19:49:47+09:00

The fee includes tax, service fee and water/light utility fees.

We’d like to stay as a family. Do you have a children’s rate?2020-07-28T19:50:00+09:00

If your child won’t need a futon set, it’s free. However, if the child uses a futon set, we will charge the same rate as an adult.
Please note that children (under 12 years old) can’t be accommodated at Izumo House.

How can I make a reservation?2020-07-28T19:50:49+09:00

Please use our website or call 0848-24-6669 (LOG reception desk) to make a reservation.

What are the rates for Setouchi Minato-no-Yado?2020-07-28T19:51:00+09:00

Rates for Setouchi Minato-no-Yado (lease fee for a certain period) vary depending on the house, season (normal season/peak season), and whether you’ll stay on a weekday or weekend. For details, please check the rates for each house on the reservation page of our website.

Rates for one day (lease fee for one day) cover a period from 15:00 to 11:00 on the following day.

What’s the cancellation fee?2020-07-28T19:51:12+09:00

Cancellation fees are as follows:

21 days prior to your stay: 10%
3 days prior to your stay: 50%
Same day: 100%

How many months in advance can I make a reservation?2020-07-28T19:51:25+09:00

On our website, you can make reservations about 3 months in advance. If you’d like a reservation farther in advance, please feel free to contact us.

How can we get to Minato-no-Yado from JR Onomichi station?2020-07-28T19:52:02+09:00

It’s a 15 minute walk from Onomichi station or a 15 minute taxi ride from JR Shin-Onomichi station.

Do you have parking spaces?2021-04-02T14:02:09+09:00

Yes, we have parking only for guests. It is located by the shopping district and it takes about 5 min to Setouchi Minato no Yado. We offer parking space for two vehicle only and it is reservation required.
Fee : 1 car 1night / 1,100yen
Available from 2:30pm to 11:00am
Please make a reservation by E-mail ( info@minatonoyado.jp )

Are there convenience stores or supermarkets nearby?2020-07-28T19:52:32+09:00

There is a convenience store and supermarket, each about a 10-15 minute walk from our facilities. We’ll give you details at the time of check-in.

Are there bicycle rentals nearby?2021-04-13T18:44:48+09:00

There are some cycling shops nearby as below.

You can enjoy comfortable cycling with sports bikes including road carbon and road aluminum.

You can rent three types of simple and functional bicycles. It is l8 minutes to better bicycle’s office (ONOMICHI SHARE).

‘Onomichi Port(Ekimae-Kowan Car Park)‘
There are many bicycles suitable for walking around town such as light cars and cross bikes.

Are there any restaurants nearby?2020-07-28T19:52:57+09:00

There are many restaurants in the area. Please check our information desk for some nearby restaurants. If you’d like, you can also read the sightseeing guidebooks available at the information desk.

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